Studio Vee | About
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So What’s It All About?

Studio Vee was established in 2010 by me, Victoria Sangwine-Gould

I graduated from Ravensbourne College in 1996 with a BA Hons Degree in Furniture and Related Product Design. Before working for myself I worked for 14 years as an in-house designer for several UK manufacturers. I designed upholstered sofas, chairs and beds for companies such as DFS, Feather and Black, John Lewis and Furniture Village.

Over the years I saved piles of beautiful fabric samples which became the basis for Studio Vee and a new (to me) way of designing using recycled, re-used and rescued materials. These materials include beautiful, quality velvets, chenilles and linens salvaged from sofa manufacturers and reclaimed natural materials including vintage Harris Tweed, suiting, woollen fabrics, leather, denim and silk.

All of Studio Vee’s products are handmade in a studio in part of an historic mill complex in the Stroud Valleys of Gloucestershire. The area is known for the heritage of it’s woollen industry stretching back to the Middle Ages. Stafford Mill itself was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1608 and was one of the first mills in the area to use power looms in the 19th Century.

It now houses a variety of industrial and creative businesses and Studio Vee shares space with two like-minded designer/makers, milliner Gemma Sangwine and weaver Nick Ozanne of Leto and Ariadne.